In a foodbank near Croydon, Steve is collecting a box a food. It has been a week since he last ate. Steve is one of the 42.5% of foodbank users who are forced to use a foodbank because of benefit changes or cuts. “It was on the x68 and there was accident midway through the […]

The ardous odyssey odyssey: greek myth odysseus goes on a long journey to go back home after war. On the journey he fights various monsters and has to go through different trials. Cedric’s monsters are his bullies Trials: getting into M.I.T

In this essay I will be talking about how Ron Suskind presents the difficulties of Cedric’s education and how he uses language technique in part one and part two. Cedric goes through many difficulties when he is in ballou high and MIT such as receiving abuse from other students, struggling with the work at MIT […]

Quote: Being a minority and a high achiever means you have to carry extra baggage about who you are and where you belong. That puts them at risk.  

Dear RAF My name is Dr Richards and I am writing a letter to you about if I can do a

In this essay I will be talking about how hip-hop still has a positive message. People think that studying hip-hop is not good since it has a lot of negativity, but I will be speaking about how hip-hop has a positive message. One positive messages that emcees use hip-hop to criticise the REEL. I will […]

  One day Maman told me that we are going Morocco with my two Tata for ete  I was excited because that is my first time going to africa  and i get to see realite. I didnt even sleep since I was so excited, we left like at 6am and Maman told me to not […]